About Us

More than 10 years ago, a group already involved with the building industry, the housing market and countryside management, decided to join together to create a specialist unit to deal with what they foresaw as a growing problem – JAPANESE KNOTWEED

Initially we sprayed the knotweed with various herbicides but soon realised that some of these had limited effect, often depending on the herbicide used and the season of treatment.
Gradually, we learnt which herbicides and methods of attack produced lasting results and having
studied the results of trials from around the world (inc. UK) and building on our own practical experience, have developed an armoury of several effective chemical strategies that meet all situations/seasons.

We can also offer various other non-chemical methods although these are often more appropriate to larger developments from both cost and space considerations.

Training and licensing
We have undergone formal training and are licensed to use, and to supervise others in the safe use of herbicides. All staff have been trained in the safe application of herbicides. The partners have undergone the additional training and testing necessary to qualify them to treat knotweed in or near water courses or ponds.

There is NO “quick fix” to the problem of knotweed and, recognising that clients want peace of mind and often need some proof that their property is undergoing an eradication process, we offer a warranty that covers the property and transfers from owner to owner and remains valid despite changes of ownership.

We offer an unconditional guarantee to kill all knotweed on your property and to keep it knotweed free for 5 years.

As a result of requests we are now offering a guarantee that covers properties which are not themselves infected by knotweed but are blighted, mortgage wise, by the presence of knotweed next door or over the fence. Our gurantee will indemnify the client’s property for the full 5 years against any invasion of the weed.

Free Survey
Although based in the Swansea area we can, and do, work elsewhere. We offer a free survey of domestic properties within a reasonable distance from Swansea.

Commercial/development sites and properties at a distance may incur a fee. Any fee charged will be deducted from our invoice should you decide to engage our services.