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May News

Luckily Knotweed does not produce seed in the UK

Taking advantage of a rare day of fine weather, today we tried to check progress on as many of our existing sites as possible. Despite a full day of driving around South Wales, we only managed to look at 10 sites where we has started treatment in 2011. The results were however, way beyond expectation; After …

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April News

The changed weather has frustrated many of our plans as we require a guaranteed minimum of 8 dry hours after treatment. We thought that such an opportunity presented itself last night so, armed with the latest favourable forecast,  we worked until dusk. Within 10 minutes of finishing re-treating 4 of last years sites the rain started! The …

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Santander – Change of Heart ?

Knotweed growing in Cardiff

Until recently Santander have resolutely declined mortgages where Knotweed was present anywhere near the property. Since about the beginning of 2012 they appear to have relaxed their previous stance and are offering to lend where there is a 20 year guarantee in place.  

February News

Japanese Knotweed Invasion

We have just surveyed a local  6 acre park that has Japanese Knotweed on some 30% of the property! The local “Friends of the Park” have submitted an application for an Improvement grant which will enable us, in partnership with the Friends, to rid the area of Knotweed once and for all. In parts the Knotweed …

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