Dont do this!

We have started to collect photos of examples of bad practice. These can be illegal activities : moving knotweed waste without a permit; spraying within the legal buffer surrounding water courses or just doing things that spread knotweed.

Roadside Verge Japanese Knotweed

A 4067 at Ynysmeudwy. Council spreads knotweed by mowing verge. New infection caused by chipped knotweed stays green longer than original stems Oct 2009


June 2012 - 3 years later. Our Council tax spent on spreading Knotweed !






Japanese Knotweed in a Garden

Morriston. Strimmed knotweed scattered over garden ready to infect fresh ground. (as little as 0.7 gm can grow into a new plant) Oct 2009


It only takes a tiny bit of root.......... Morriston, Swansea 2012