Frequently asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to get rid of my knotweed?
A: Timing depends on the severity of the problem, the time of year treatment starts and the method used. To be certain of total eradication you should be thinking of at least 24 months although significant improvement should be apparent in a few months.

Q: Why do you give a warranty?
A: Because it takes repeated treatments to eradicate knotweed and we know that you don’t want to pay for one treatment and still have some knotweed left that will spread and re-colonise your ground. Our warranty is our commitment to you that we will continue to treat your property until there is no viable knotweed left. It also shows prospective purchasers (and lenders) that the problem is being treated in a safe and professional way.

Q: When do you treat knotweed?
A: At almost all times of year depending on method used. However, for most domestic properties, little can be done during the winter when the plant is dormant. The creation of bio-vaults on development sites can take place at any time subject to suitable soil conditions.

Q: If you spray are the chemicals safe?
A: Our preferred means of chemical treatment does not involve spraying. The treatments used are safe to humans and domestic animals and do not affect bees and other insects.They have been tested and approved throughout the world.