In Mid September we started distributing our “flyers” to a range of Estate Agents, Property Surveyors, Financial Advisers etc.

Although we have still to canvass the majority of these groups in the Swansea area, the response has already been most encouraging.

Its obvious that our message is getting through as we are already getting referrals from businesses that have only heard about us third hand.


In early October we learnt that another lender, our local Swansea Building Society, was refusing mortgages where Knotweed was present. Others lenders are certain to join the bandwagon.

Many river banks and ditches are infested with Japanese knotweed, and in Mid-October the partners undertook the specialised training and examinations to qualify us to apply herbicide in or near rivers, streams, ponds, dry ditches etc.

Even though we are now licenced for this aspect of the work, each application involving applying herbicide within 1 m of water has to have the prior approval of the Environment Agency to ensure that the water quality is not compromised and that there is as little effect on the countryside as possible.

Making hay while…..
Several surveys undertaken in October have now resulted in contracts and, with the imminent winter die-back, we have made sure that we have started treatment so that next Spring we will have a head start on the wretched plant.

Within the past month at least one mortgage has been granted following our survey report and guarantee to keep the property knotweed free for 5 years.


New Guarantees for Knotweed free properties
In response to customers’ requests we are now offering a 5 year guarantee (at greatly reduced prices) where properties are currently knotweed free but are blighted by infestations on adjoining ground. We undertake to deal with any introduced knotweed for a 5 year period in the same way as our normal guarantee.


It can take 24+ months to conquer knotweed, so anyone contemplating selling a knotweed infested property within the next 3 years would be well advised to think about having a free survey and starting treatment next Spring.

During the winter we anticipate clearing several stands of long established knotweed ready to start treatment when growth re-commences in Spring.